What Makes Family Visa Applicants Stand a High Chance of Being Approved?

Posted on: 24 March 2015

Some prospective immigrants debate whether they should apply for a family member visa or they should apply for a visa in their own right. This is because they do not have adequate information about how immigration authorities view family visa applicants in comparison to applicants of other visa types. This article discusses the contribution that family members make in their host nations and that is why you would stand a high chance of being approved as a family visa applicant.

Support to the Family

Immigration authorities know how important family support is in the life of an individual and that is why the family visa program exists. This support can range from taking care of a sick migrant, sharing food when a relative is unable to feed him or herself due to being temporarily out of work as well as supporting family members to start or grow a business in the host country. It is for this reason that applicants of family visas are given due consideration, as long as they meet other requirements (such as having a sponsor who is able to support them financially during their stay).

Getting Involved in Gainful Employment

Immigration attorneys also say that people should not shy away from applying for family visas. This is because host countries know that those individuals will get engaged in gainful employment once they arrive and that will boost the economy of the host nation (such as when taxes are levied on the incomes earned by those family visa holders or when they use the money they earn to buy locally made products).

Other Contributions to the Community

Family visa holders also make other non-formal contributions to the community in which they live. For instance, such immigrants can participate in different forms of voluntary work, such as providing counseling to other members of the immigrant community on issues like where to get affordable legal services in case they are threatened with deportation after committing a crime. Such contributions make family visa holders valuable members of the community and that is why there should be no shame or unease concerning applying for such a visa.

It is easy for you to see why it is a good idea to apply for a family visa when you consider the above contributions that holders of that visa make to the host nations. You should therefore engage the expertise of an experienced immigration attorney in case your application does not proceed as you had anticipated.

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